Production Capabilities

Background Plate and HDRI Dome Production


If stock imagery simply won’t fit the requirements of your clients brief or you really want to commission an image that is new and unique, let us be your production resource. 

We can deliver:

  • Detailed location knowledge of most major American cities
  • A searchable library – and invaluable tool – to help filter concepts and find the right location
  • A streamlined scouting process – wherever you want to go, we’ve likely been there already
  • The ability to find and leverage difficult urban locations, shoot in any lighting conditions and work with a range of budgets

We provide:

  • A lean, efficient (ie. cost-saving) crew
  • Lightweight equipment packages
  • Backplates from 36MP to 100MP
  • HDR Domes as large as 20K pixels wide
  • 360 degree Virtual Reality Domes as large as 35K pixels wide