Image Specification

The Freshest Files
The images in my catalog are processed out of the raw file with the very latest version of Capture One software. Any required retouching will be done in the latest version of Photoshop. This is important to note when looking at stock. Most automotive industry catalogs consist of work from large rosters of photographers with varying degrees of expertise. The images you see from typical stock agencies may have been shot, processed, and delivered anytime over the past 15 years. Therefore, these files are not up to today’s technical standards in the world of raw processing.

As I prepare your image selections, you always receive files that fit your specific requirements.


Output Your Way
Choose your file type (Tiff, jpg, PSD, DNG, etc).

Choose your color space or profile (sRGB, Adobe RGB (1998), ProPhoto RGB, CMYK etc).

Specify bit depth, file size (within the limits of the native size the original camera could produce).


Premium Images, Reasonable Terms
You’ll never pay a premium based on file size.

Images are available with or without retouching.

You’ll always have access to the RAW file.

You are licensing images directly from the photographer who shot, graded, processed and retouched them – assuring that the quality across the board is consistent.

Image Specification Chart

File Types Tiff, PSD, jpg, DNG, RAW
Color profiles sRGB, Adobe RGB (1998), ProPhoto RGB, CMYK, Gray Gamma
Bit Depth 8, 16, 32(hdr files only)
Backplate Camera resolution (MegaPixel) 12MP, 24MP, 36MP, 50MP
HDR Dome sizes (pixels) 8000-20,000 pixels wide

A Note On Resolution & File Size

Unlike some of our larger competitors we don’t misrepresent the size of the file that comes out of our cameras.  We don’t artificially raise the resolution of a file to make it appear it was shot on a higher Megapixel camera than it actually was. And we don’t charge you more for a larger file size.  Images are tagged with a keyword that designates the Megapixel sizes. 12MP 24MP 36MP 50MP etc.

If you absolutely request a file to be raised to a higher resolution than the native size of the camera that shot it we can do that. But we will do that from the RAW file to ensure the best quality. But we generally recommend choosing an image that was shot at your required resolution.