About Thomas Magno Custom Stock

It’s time to take stock of the automotive imagery business.
Shooting vehicles is no longer cost effective. But most stock is not shot well enough to capture the imagination of the market.

Been there. Shot that.
I’ve been shooting custom background plates and HDRI Domes for the world’s leading automakers for over 13 years. As a pioneer in the field, I have curated a library of over 60,000 images. (Many of which you’ve been licensing for years). Understanding that agencies and manufacturers are looking for the highest quality, at the best value (and that you needed it yesterday!) I’ve decided to curate my entire collection, and make it available directly from me today.

Would you rather deal with someone who understands your needs, or a bot?
I can help you find what you’re looking for quickly. I can make suggestions for saving money.

I can provide the raw files for further customization or retouching. I can even produce a shoot if I don’t have exactly what you’re looking for.